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my daughter does stuff like that for people and is reasonable.
i too have had problems with the same things.someone told me to add either dream whip or cornstarch, i tried the cornstarch and have gotten good results not the same as it was but workable. tried the dream whip but thought it was too sweet. just my opinion you need to try and see which works best for you.
i got mine at Kohl's they had it on sale plus i had a 30% off coupon!!!!!
i agree on the box place in the above post that is where i get mine and they offer free shipping.
thanks for your help i am using buttercream for a cake and am just wanting a nice mocha suede color. and sorry for the headline it was an errror .
how do you get a nice mocha brown color???/
mine just did the same thing this week with 2 weddings. so i went to Kohls. they had it $100 off plus i had a 30% coupon. so it worked out well . it is still on sale in our area which is Illinois. hope it works out for you.,
if you put your mouse arrow on the letters it will come up with what they mean. hope that helps
what is different about this over the regular one that scrapbookers use ????
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