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Great - thanks for the ideas. I will look at my pans and take it from there. They know A LOT of people and I did a grad cake for her last year. It was the stacked books in my pics. I do want it to look realistic - and I don't want it to break my back when I carry it - so maybe a 14 will be it....hahahaha!Thanks again!!!
I've already asked her - and she doesn't care which I use! hahahahaha I'm thinking I may just use a 16" - as it's whole and not a 1/2 circle. The customer doesn't care how big - she wants "effect". This is a GREAT customer, btw! ;D
I have a request for a double cheeseburger graduation cake (June). Not sure which size to use, 16 or 18" size - and know I am going to have to support it as I stack it. Any tips on how to do this will be appreciated!!!
It wasn't for a wedding, it was a graduation. We just got on the wedding subject! hahahaThe cake was 4 tiers (a stack of drums). I'm not sure how they cut it, but in all the cakes I've ever done, this was a first.....It's one of those "lesson learned for next time" situations.
"It seems to me if they wished to have more cake leftover that they must have loved that delicious cake." Aw - thanks for changing my perspective of this!
Thanks for the responses. It just kinda cracks me up that even tho they had a little left over, it still wasn't enuf?? But, oh least they didn't run out!I generally tell my brides, when we figure out the servings, that it's better to go a little over - incase those cutting it go crazy on the cutting. AND if they have to serve their cake topper due to needing extra pieces, then I'd replace it for free. So far, that hasn't happened.
A little gripe here - What do you say when you give the customer the cakes sizes (6, 8, and two 10" - all two layers), the total servings (112) and they "ok" this cuz not everyone eats cake (their words). THEN only to hear that, after the fact, they'd wished I'd made it a little bigger so that they had more cake left over?????? This even AFTER I SUGGESTED we could go a little bigger.....I told her that I used the same chart as I always do, and don't feel I was wrong -...
HI! I have to try to find a Bananas Foster cake recipe - anyone have one they recommend? This will need to be covered in fondant or iced with buttercream (not sure which yet!). TIA!!!!!
So you take the cake apart and THEN take it back in the kitchen to cut it....DUH!!! I've had it happen - two times in a row - that I've got the cake together, and am putting the final touches on it - only to have the MANAGER come and tell me that we need to MOVE the cake (one was a 4 or 5 tier) becuz they don't have the right table cloth on (when I got there, they were cleaning the mirror center pieces on the cake table, and the wedding was an hour & 1/2 from starting!). ...
How is this done? Have seen it on Cake Boss, but never attempted it. Tried to find any info on here (cuz I know there HAS to be something!) but it's not coming up.TIA!
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