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I just had a customer call me and ask if I could make a 3D cake of the USS Constitution. Hmmm. Has anyone done a ship like this before? Help?Thanks,Sharon
Here's a cake I would like to make for our Church Auction, or at least one similar to it.How would you suggest I do the chocolate decorations on the side? Or should I try fondant?Thanks,Sharon
Our Church is having an Auction with the St Francis Theme "Make me a Channel of your Peace". Any good ideas? I can obviously put the word Peace on it but I was trying to find some other ideas. I was wondering how different colors of fondant "channeling" to the word would look too.Thanks for your ideas,Sharon======================This would be originating from the prayer/song: Make me a channel of your peace:Where there is hatred, let me bring you love;Where there is...
Ok, this is what I've got so far (ugh). I took a ping-pong ball, used the Jem 5 rose cutter and started covering it with gumpaste. This is my frist one. Maybe it'll look better tomorrow (hahaha).Ideas? The sides aren't supposed to be ruffled. I tried drying on spoons but my spoons evidently don't have enough curve OR I wasn't understanding the directions.Maybe it needs to be thicker? Maybe I need to express order somewhere?Thanks,Sharon
I created a spreadsheet that calculates how much the ingredients cost for each size cake I do and then I have the Wilton # servings and my # servings per cake. I charge my expenses plus $1 or so a slice. I'm sure that's pretty cheap. The one I just finished tonight was a 10x3 with 2 layers buttercream, basketweave and 2 puppies on top and I charged $68. I'm sure I could have gotten more but I'm just starting out.
yummycupcakes - that's the exact cake they want.artscallion - thanks for all the WONDERFUL information.sara91 - These are the type of flowers she wants. Did you lay the fondant petals over the balls, dry, and then put together to make one or keep layering over one ball? I'm assuming it'd work well with gumpaste also.
I'm working on a cake for a customer that wants one styled after the attached file. It has peonies (she called them cabbage roses) on it. Does anyone know where to find instructions on how to make these? They definately have a more cabbage look than a normal rose.Thanks,Sharon
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