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May the outpouring of support and prayers and the love of God comfort you and give you strength through these hardest of times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and over the months ahead as you rebuild.
OMG!!!! MOG took her ring back and then left the wedding!!!!!! I just wish this bridezilla would have learned some valuable life lessons earlier in life so that this wouldn't have had to happen to her. Shame on her and MOB.
Jamie--I thought about the same thing. I swear if this were closer to April 1 I would be really wondering!!
I have MMF made, and I have gumpaste pdr--can I mix together to make figures that will dry faster than fondant alone? running out of time and need to do something--no time to shop. thanks!
I was using cake extender and have no yogurt or s.c. Already added extra egg, flour and sugar. any thought??? have to get it in the oven so appreciate your responses!!!
that's the name I use--I'm in Ohio. Feedback has always been: I LOVE that name. I think it is very easy to remember, but very long to say and write. website is ---very long to type out, too.I sure don't care if you use it in NZ, but take the feedback about it being long and think about it. If I did it again, I think I'd go w/ something shorter.
I went back to work full time recently, so won't be able to take on as many cakes as I had been. Still have wedding orders, booked, however. Last week, my husband was going to do all my baking on Friday for a Saturday wedding (only 3 tier, simple design). 9 a.m. the element fried on my oven. DH wants to run out and buy a new one, but I want to pick it out, so he calls my neighbors and runs back and forth all day long between our house and 2 neighbors with cake...
I don't know if this is what you mean or not, (check out picture). I thought I had other examples, but can't find them now. If this is what you mean, I've done it w/ both fondant and royal. I liked the outcome much better w/ fondant. obviously have to do ahead and let it harden.
I had a call from a woman looking for a cake for about 40-45 people for Saturday. sounds rather simple, though I didn't go into details as I will be out of town. if anyone is interested, p.m. me and I can give you her name and number. thanks
Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2007 12:30 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No. 7 Her husband and best friend had an affair while arranging the party and she's taking it out on you! 10. and they are running off to get married and she is worried you will make them a cake that is just as gorgeous!!!!
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