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Yes, it cuts the sweetness and I have never had one white spot while using it! (I did with regular salt) I don't bother dissolving it and I have no problems.
Try using popcorn salt (not butter flavored) next time. It made a difference for me!
just googled them and the closest one is 140 miles away...darn it!
Does anyone know if you can purchase high ratio shortening from the bakery at Sam's Club? I wish I could find it locally somewhere!Thanks! too!!!!!!
Americolor _Super Red.....I love it!
Where do you live? I'm from SC too!
Wouldn't there be a difference between "non-toxic" and "food safe"? I would think if the craft sticks weren't make for food related products, then you shouldn't use them with food products.
The "B" is terrible! It's not even shaped like the others's too thin! I hate mine!
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