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I was just wondering if anyone here has entered the cake decorating contest at the Del Mar Fair before? Is the competition as steep as at the SD Cake Show? I'm only asking because I'm going to be out of town for awhile before the fair and can't decide if it's worth entering a cake that I won't be able to devote a lot of time to. TIA!
My sister is visiting with her 4 (almost 5) year old son. He wants to make a castle cake because we're going to Disneyland, but I want him to be able to help. Rolling out big sheets of fondant aren't going to be very fun, so I'm thinking more along the lines of how gingerbread houses are decorated. I'm having a hard time picturing it though as far as what candies/sprinkles/etc would look good. Any ideas or tips? Pictures?Thanks!
I agree with MissRobin. I was having bad cracking issues with Satin Ice until I read the suggestions on this board. I went to Jo-Ann's and got some of their clear vinyl and then I rolled the fondant out on that with a THIN coating of crisco. It's especially nice if you have a large cake to cover because you don't have to try to pick up the fondant or roll it up on your rolling pin. Just pick up the whole mat and flip it over onto your cake!
You shouldn't be too surprised that you won, your cake looked FLAWLESS in person. Just beautiful.Yes, Chris is my husband and his cake was the dog. I believe there were all of five cakes in his category and he didn't get a ribbon. He was so sad! He said he retires from decorating and is now calling himself my sous chef. LOL!
Congratulations! You're cake is beautiful!When I clicked the link, I was like I recognize those cakes! I didn't know you were competing in San Diego. I was supposed to compete but I, unfortunately, didn't get my cake done in time. My husband is competing in the sculpted category, but we haven't been down since drop-off Friday night to see if he won anything.Again, congrats! You definitely deserve it!
Oh my goodness... I could kiss you!I can't believe all it took was switching from extract to vodka. It fixed both the clumping and the feathering! I unfortunately need to recover the tier (which happens to be a hexagon... blah!), but at least now I know what to do.Thank you so much!
I'm trying to do some painting on a cake and I'm having so many issues I'm about to go crazy.The idea is that I want it to look like stained glass when I'm finished. I have my design imprinted into the fondant, and after painting I'm going to pipe in the impressions.Anyway, I can't get anything to go right with the painting. I've tried mixing the lemon extract into gel colors (both Wilton and Americolor), but I keep ending up with concentrated bits of color that won't mix...
Thanks Jen! I never thought to make paper templates. I don't have the petal or hexagon pans so I was going in completely blind. Now I just have to figure out how exactly they're measured. I'm guessing the largest diameter of the petal and edge to edge of the hexagon. I'd just order a few spares if shipping didn't cost so much. Thanks again!
I felt that way when I entered my first show. I had no idea what to expect and when I got there I felt so stupid carrying around my cake. I couldn't wait to hide it in it's corner and get out of there! The next year I actually won a ribbon. While I agree we are our own worst critics, you also have to consider this a learning experience. Look at the other cakes and note what specifically you feel like you need to work on and then practice, practice, practice! Next time...
I need a little help from someone who is experienced with mixed shape cakes. I need to order some dummies and have no idea what sizes to buy. The finished cake will be like this:roundpetalroundhexagonI'd like the top tier to end up being 8", but I'm not sure how the sizing on the other shapes compare. As an added factor, the other round one is going to be covered in flowers so it needs to be a little smaller than if it was just going to have a layer of fondant.Anyone that...
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