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Glad you liked my tutorial. I'll try to add a bit about parrott tulips. It's true about leaving the paste thick enough at the bottom of the petal to push the wire into. There is a lot of manhandling of the petals when you tape them up, so the base needs to be strong.Diane
To make the tulip petals ruffled, really tool them well, being careful not to shred them. Practice on some thinly rolled out gumpaste before you do it on one of your petals. You may need to use a hard surface and frill, or it may work on a tooling mat. It depends a lot on what your gumpaste is like. Good luck.
I'll be finishing the tutorial on my blog this week. I actually did the one on Cakes Canada too. I had forgotten about that one.Diane
Glad you found the instructions easy to follow. I did the tutorial, and the spoons make all the difference I think.What other flowers are you interested in?
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