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Please be aware that they require a monthly fee after a two day free trial to browse and order. Other than that, sounds like a great deal.
Don't know if you received an answer from them yet but this is SpinningLeaf's Cakester mold:!
azchic - I've seen it done using the silicone molds before so I'm sure it would work for you.
Awesome! Thanks Marla
Do you know where they would be located in Target? Was looking for something quick & easy for a fundraiser I'm doing this Saturday & this fits the bill! Thx for sharing!!!!!
I've worked with RBC many times and it looks to be about the right consistency. But if you're saying it seems too gooey, you may need to add a tad more powdered sugar to it. HTH!
Maybe (and in no way is this an "official" observation ) your icing may have been a little too thin. I remember reading somewhere that if the royal is too thin then parts of it will dry kind of transparent. It's best to add water a drop at a time since it makes a HUGE difference in the consistency of the royal.
heehee It's always nice to have a "non-complaining" customer and yes please do try it if you feel like it. I would be very interested in knowing how they come out
Cookies on sticks combined together in a pot or some kind of container to make a bouquet... There are tons of photos of them in the gallery. Be sure to check it out, they look great
I suck!!! hahaha... I don't remember my score but it sure was piddly compared to you two up there!!!! Oh well... hopefully my cutting skills are better in real life than they are in virtual reality
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