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Does anyone know where I can get hold of a MOULD for a 3D carousel horse.   I need it to be large at least 6" in length...  have seen a few smaller moulds to make lollies from but no really big ones.    Can anyone help? I need to make a realistic carousel horse using modelling choclate and my modelling skills are no where near good enough!
Hi all....    I have seen some interesting shaped silicone tins here int he uk.. in various '3D'  shapes such as train, sandcastle, flowers etc... similar to the wilton shaped tins...    When you bake them, they contain the contours and lines of the pattern....  The only way I have ever seen these used, is to pipe all over with butter cream stars... does anyone use these in any other way?
I think that makes more sense... I was worried about the airbrush paint sitting ontop of and dripping down the colours :) Something else for me to have a go at now..... :)
did you use different colour buttercream or spray the colour on? x I see the tutorial uses diff colours.
Anyone done one like this? Is it trickier than it appears? I think it is beautiful but looks very simple.... I am sure however it took a huge amount of skill :)
I just saw this cake that had been passed to me by a friend... I'm fraid i dont know where it originates from or would have credited it.... I will be happy to edit if its anyones from here :)   But are the cakes just buttercream roughly applied as it looks or is it a lot more tricky...and is the colour sprayed on?   My friend is looking for a cake and this has struck a cord with her..
yes in the thread link above leah i think it is says to pop it in the freezer till really hard but not frozen?  I am hoping it wont squish when it comes back to room temp lol
oops posted before i saw your reply!   Are you on any classes at Excel... I only just decided to go with my friend so they all sold out but I am sure it will be a great day.... I am looking forward to speaking to the sugar veil folk as I still haven't had any sucess with it after months of trying lol
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