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Thanks everyone, I will give the flour coating a try. It's for kids, so I know it won't matter too much.
Yeah, that is what I was worried about. I don't have a problem with mini choc chips though. I just don't have time to remake something if it doesn't work.
Has anyone tried this with success? I was going to make a choc.chip cookie flavored cake, but with m&m's.
Oh my! I want some 'adult' cupcakes now! I would love to try the tiramisu cupcakes......can you please share the recipe? And the homemade Kahlua....where can I find this? Who is Earlene? LOL.Thanks for the great cc ideas.
What they are doing at the school:Parents are asked to donate a cake of their choice. The more cakes donated, the better.All cakes are then put out on display. Students purchase tickets for .50 cents each (as many as they want) and put their ticket in the box of the cake they want. At the end of the day, each cake box gets a name pulled and that is the winner for that cake. They asked that cakes be on the smaller size and be in a sturdy box for transport, as some...
I have to agree...the Reynolds are the BEST! I wish they had more to choose from.
This is my first cake walk, so I'm not sure what to expect. We live in a small town, so I wouldn't think there are too many people that do cakes. I only know of two and I know at least one of them don't have kids in school.Also, I believe it is only the kids that are buying tickets for the cakes to take home. I don't think the teachers are involved in that part. Thanks for the ideas to get me started!!
Hi everyone,I really need some great ideas for two cakes I'm donating for my kids' cake walk at school. It's to raise money.I will need some gender neutral cakes I guess? Or since I'm doing two, should I do one girl theme and one boy theme? ....what's popular with that age group?Any suggestions would be great!
I did a ballet tutu as well (in my pics) and I was a little nervous. It turned out to be not so bad! I made the middle tier one cake pan size smaller. Tiers were 2 6" a 5" and then another 6" It made carving it a bit easier to me, as it would be even all the way around where it went in. Does that make sense? lol
I've had the same problems with mine!! That model got great reviews, so that's why I purchased it. First time printing was great....then it was all down hill from there.My large black ink leaked somehow into my yellow and blue.....what a waste of tanks!!! I have no idea how that happened. I was told that I had to have taken them out or broke the seal. NO, I didn't.I purchase all new ink cartridges and cleaned the head thoroughly several times as well as many deep...
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