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Thanks Debbie, it's just hard with my hours. I did try the steamer and that helped a lot, however the magenta is not printing at all. It is barely there on the first test strip and then fades completely. There is ink on the print head, so it's coming out some, just not making it to the paper. I guess I'll need a new cartridge, as I didn't replace that one when I did the yellow, blue and black, right/ Is there anything else it could be?I figured the yellow was getting...
icingimages, I have refilled and it didn't make a difference, it still happened. I just recently bought new cartridges and the last print still had problems. I may have to deep clean again, many many times like previous people have....?
Thanks, but I have not taken out my cartridges until that happened. Last time I printed, the colors were very dull and not sharp. I noticed that the yellow (new one) was colored again. I have done many deep cleans....figured I would try cleaning the head too. The first time the yellow got contaminated, I noticed black had leaked from somewhere, but couldn't tell where. It was on the outside of the cartridge....I had not taken them out before that) Once the yellow is...
I'm going out to purchase a steamer to clean my printer. I bought new cartridges because my yellow keeps getting contaminated with either the blue or black and keeps turning a greenish's happened twice now. Any suggestions as to what is going on?I have the Canon ip3600.
I've searched and I can't find a tutorial on these types of flowers. I'm not too familiar with them. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!TIA
This weekend I tried adding white chocolate ganach to my BC, as the client wanted a white chocolate BC, but I found it didn't really taste much like white chocolate after sitting for 24 hrs. Do you think adding the creamer would make a big difference in taste?Thanks for posting your experience.
Anyone know of a stable choc. mousse or something similar, that can stay out for a while?
If you have to, try cooking the sugar just before it turns yellow (right before correct temp.) and take off stove. I did this once in desperation of NO yellow ice. The ice stayed a tad soft, but it still looked great.
K, tied it and it worked! Thanks for the advise.
If you don't have tylose, you can try piping need a sticky/tacky surface. (you can nuke it a few secs. to make it thin out a bit). then place shoe over a piece of clean paper, sprinkle disco dust over surface of shoe and tap off excess gently. you can re use the extra glitter on the paper, just put it back into container.
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