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I've never tried 2 I still need to use dowels? It's just choc. cake on the bottom 9" and 6" on the top, which is just white cake. Or is just a cake circle enough?Also, do you frost each cake separately and then stack, or stack first and then frost? I'm using BC with fondant accents. Can't figure out how not to mess up the BC.Thanks!
Yep, they melt in the car!Maybe after you tort the cake, poke a hole and then kind of push the worm in part way, add icing and then do the same with the top layer before you stack them?make sense? I agree it might be hard to cut them later.
I guess it's Wilton's way of making more money. I pretty much "wing it" when making their cakes. I haven't been able to find the pattern books anywhere either. For some caked you could really use the patterns to simplify things.
Anyone know when it will be on in Canada? I checked our Food Network and it's not airing any time soon that I can see.I would hate to miss it!
Hi all!I've seen satin ice mentioned here quite a bit. Does anyone have a favorite recipe for it? I've only come across one and have wanted to try it.
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