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I wish I could help you somehow. I made one I used one of my daughter's figures and basically just copied it. It helped a lot to have it in front of me. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
I usually make all my own MMF. For black, try making chocolate fondant first.....I use extra dark cocoa by Hershey's and it's a nice deep brown. That way, you only need to add a bit of black.When you add the black coloring, add it when the marshmallows are melted, it's easier. Same for any other dark or bright colors, add the coloring when it's in the liquid stage.
Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. It really is an awesome bow!!
Looks to me that it is logs of fondant that are scored with a boning or veining tool. Then you would paint it with a darker brown gel mixed with a bit of vodka. That also gives it the shine.
Before you store the used can, spray upside down until no spray comes out. Wipe nozzle clean and then store for next time.I know that pushing down half way can make it drip and be blotchy. Make sure to push down completely.
Does the cupcake wrapper cartridge fit either model and can you just cut the standard 12x12 papers in half to fit the "create" model?Also, where is the best place to purchase the cricut? I found at my Wal-mart, they want $180 for the create and $330 for the expressions.....that's a bit high, isn't it?
I am so glad you asked this question. I have just spent the last three hours looking for cupcake wrappers that I need, and can't find anything. So I started searching for info on the Cricut. I too would love to know this info! I don't think I can cut any more by hand. LOLI think all you need is the lower model "create" not the expressions one. ??? I'm not really sure about the differences between the two and what you get for the extra money spent on the higher model.
I did a cake last year and that is exactly what I did!Good luck.
I got married Nov. 2002. I REALLY didn't want a "cookie cutter" wedding, so we had a medieval one! It was a small wedding of 35 guests, (which all wore costumes as well.) I wore red!I wrote our vows and incorporated medieval traditions in them.Back a thousand years ago, they didn't have wedding cakes like today. They had piles of little cakes (more like a sweet biscuit with currents and such), so that is what we did.
Yes, I forgot to mention, I use the golden cake mix and extra vanilla too.
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