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Yes, I used isomalt. I'm going to attempt it one more time. I will put them on at the last minute. Maybe next time I will try the jolly ranchers. Great idea. I can't thank you enough for being so hellpful!!
Simple 1/2 vodka and 1/2 light corn syrup, heated. Brush on and it's like glass.
Well I definitely did something wrong. This morning when I got up, the few I saved and tried out on the cake, where melted all down the side of it! It isn't very warm in my house at all and it's actually quite dry. I did color them black, but didn't use much gel color at all. Wonder if the color is the problem....I'll see what I can find about isomalt. Thanks for your help.
I agree. I tried pulling them apart and the goo was just too much. And here I though I was so ahead of the game with getting them out of the way and now I have to start all over!Do the ready made ones stay nice? They're just so expensive for so little.
Can you use anything else besides the cartridges? Is there a computer program or anything? Just curious if the cartridges are the only option.
My gems went sticky too, and I used the silica packs. Are they ruined or can they be saved somehow? Most are stuck together.Thanks!
Yes, they do. I love all baking and some of the Italian ones are my favorite. So I am looking forward to trying many of these recipes. The cake decorating part, I find more for the beginner. It does cover a lot of techniques which is great.I still have to sit down and really have a look at it.
I just got his book today and it does have the pignoli (pinenut) cookies in it.
Thanks so much for the advice! SO helpful. I really don't want to mess this up!
I'm trying to make the gems for the first time and have a few questions.First, how the heck do you get the hot isomalt into those teeny tiny cavities?Also, I want to make some diamonds that do I do this? Can you add luster or pearl dusts to the candy? Or does it just get absorbed?What is the best way to attach them? RI? Does the color of RI affect the gem color? (will it show through?).Thanks for any help....I need it!!
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