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Yep, I've turned the oven off with cakes in it.....though I didn't realize I had turned it off. I was expecting company, rushing around to get things done and had got a head start on a glass of wine...or two.. I couldn't understand why the cakes weren't rising, and were taking forever. Duh! When I finally opened the oven there was hardly any heat coming from it.
I will definitely try this!! I have thrown out many batches and it gets expensive. I was considering trying the cake store brand, hoping it would save time.Has anyone bought the pre-made modeling chocolate and used it? I'm wondering if it's worth the extra cost with less frustration. But I will try this first...thanks!
I love to use Hershey's Special Dark cocoa powder. It makes it nice and dark and tastes SO good!
Another little trick I do with the RKT is smash them up with either a blender or in a ziplock bag and crush. It helps with smoothing it out later and covering.
I used the buttons and stitching trim mold on this baby shower cake. I don't normally like a lot of Wilton's products, but I really love these molds. I have all of them.
I've had mine for five years now, and no problems. It is a lot louder than I thought they would be. That's my only complaint. I do double batches of BC all the time and have made fondant a few times. I think I heard a few years ago that KA was bought out by some other company and the mixers haven't been the same since. I have no idea if this is true though.
I've had chocolate dipped key lime pie. I didn't think it would taste good, but I was surprised that it wasn't too bad at all. I just have never had a combo of lime and coconut with chocolate. They would like a semi-sweet ganache as the filling. I'm going to have to taste this one and just go from there I guess. LOL
Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
I have a request for a coconut lime cake with whipped chocolate ganache. I have had coconut and choc. and I've have key lime pie with chocolate, but not coconut and lime cake together with chocolate. It is for her daughter's cake as per her request, but she (the mother) is unsure if this is a good choice. Thoughts?
That is terrific!!! They would taste so much better too. Some of my gems are pretty small, so thanks for the tip on the little skewers.You are awesome!!
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