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I've just used wood skewers from the dollar store. Double sided tape worked as well.
Vegascandy, that's awesome to hear.....I'm heading there at the end of the month!Can't wait to check it out!
That's awesome BakingIrene! Thanks so much for your input, I really appreciate it.
I need to make a cowboy hat. I figured that that shouldn't be too bad to do. Should I make it solid? Or tort it with marzipan? It is only going to be about 6" or 7" round, but needs to be a bit taller. It's just for the groom.
Sorry for the side track, but is it possible to carve a fruit cake? Will there be lots of "bumps" to deal with? I have a request for my first fruit cake.
I have a fabulous opportunity to do a wedding in the South Pacific (Tahiti) in January. It is the worst time for rain and humidity at that time of year. The wedding is on the beach and she wants white chocolate sea shells. (I have done these before). Is there a better chocolate out there that I can use that will hold up better in such humidity? I'm even really nervous about the icing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
You don't heat it up too long. Maybe 20-30 secs in the micro to make it a little runnier. All I know is that it works really well. Not sure if the vodka would evaporate that quickly.
Yeah, I found that steaming seems to disappear after a few hours.....don't know why. I thought it was me. lol The vodka and corn syrup works so well and it stays!
I just posted this... lol Use half vodka and half clear corn syrup and heat it up. Paint it on and it gives it a high gloss shine that stays.
A great glaze is half vodka and half clear corn syrup. Heat it up and paint away! High gloss look.
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