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It's past a month now that they said they would ship!!  I emailed to ask if there was an update on when they expected to ship the books........all I hear are crickets!!  lol Who was I kidding?  Why would I ever think I would get a reply? I did look up the BBB for Washington state, and they are a few claims against them.  Maybe I will add another.   Very frustrating and I should have known better with this company!   Oh, it's kinda funny I can't find the previous thread...
Thanks everyone for the great ideas.  I think I've come up with a few good ideas now.  ~ I didn't need to use them all, just to pick something from them and come up with something.   Sometimes it's harder when they don't give you a definite direction.  lol
I can't for the life of me, come up with any sort of design that I feel good about.  Here's the info for the cake....   Wedding rehearsal for 30ppl.  Nothing formal. the couple are casual laid back people and they like to socialize.  She is into soccer, they're both into hockey.  They both go to the gym and like to fish.  They wore hockey jerseys in their save the date photo.  They started a gourmet club and like to try new foods.  They met at a bar.  He proposed on a...
I have a wedding cake to do in the middle of July and the cake will be sitting out under a tent.  How well does a ganache covered cake stand up in the heat?  Isn't this a disaster waiting to happen?  Any advise or alternative ideas? Thanks!
I get it  I was thinking right under the fondant at the top.  Makes sense.  Can't believe a "chunk" can solve the problem!!  Thanks!
Yes, that is more my problem.  I think I get the edges pretty nice, but the corners want to fall.  I will definitely try the chunk.  :)  It doesn't show through the fondant?  Thanks so much for the suggestions.
Thank for your reply Crazy-Grey.  I will definitely give the corners more attention.  Found the videos...they were very informative.
Is there a trick out there that helps with square corners from drooping? I can get perfectly sharp edges and corners with buttercream, but once the fondant goes on, my corners want to fall and not stay up.  My cakes are cold and I'm not using thick fondant and I've tried using a stiff dam and a little extra icing in the corners, but nothing seems to help.   Any advise??
Purples and pinks always seem to fade. It helps if you keep them in the dark. They will probably still fade a tiny bit, but it helps a lot.I found the brand "Sugarflair" hardly fades at all with the pinks and purples.
Yes, I've been there. I usually always ask about the invitations they used and go from there. Or I've done something to match their bedroom scheme.
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