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Thank you so much for the nice posts!! Edna and I appreciate everyone at CC and the love and support!
I need 1/3 inch holes
I need to make an extruder to create 1/3 inch thick 'hair' out of fondant or modeling chocolate. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
That's unbelievable. I would be more than upset if someone did that to one of my cakes. I see eating the fondant and any parts of the outside as part of the overall experience of the cake.
I am looking to get the word out for a cake I just completed. I posted it on Facebook, Flicker, Youtube and a few cake blogs ... I really think it came out amazing and it gives me an opportunity to get my name out there. If anyone has specific ideas on how to get the word out I'd love to hear about them!!Here's the cake in question: is a short video clip as well:...
I just did this for a party yesterday...
I basicly did what Janet is suggesting with these cakes: you can see there is NO body at all The cakes are a bit 'scary' sorry, but it was for halloween. Each head is ~ one cake each from a 12x9x3 pan! Each head has a small wood platform that is stacked 3 or 4 cakes pieces high. In my ganache recipe I use 2 1/2 lb chocolate to 1 3/4 c cream and that makes the ganache a bit more sturdy...
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