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That is so funny, because I am about to test some caramel recipes today. I think I am going to try a rum cake with the dulce de leche filling (boiled sweetened condensed milk) and then add some of the filling to the whimisical bakehouse BC to ice the outside of the cake. I will let you know how it turns out. Let me know if you test any good recipes!
If I were doing patent leather, I WOULD use luster dust, but I would dissolve it in vodka or lemon extract first and then paint it on with a brush. But I have never tried it on chocolate.
Are there any decorators our there from the Midland/Odessa TX area? I'm in Midland and am wanting to meet other decorators in this area. Specifically interested in decorators interested in 3D cakes or unique techniques. Would love to share!
Hey Ft. Worthians! I am moving to Ft. Worth hopefully before Christmas and I would love to have some friends when I get there. What kind of stuff can I look forward to? Are there any cake clubs there?
Thank you all so much for your input, but I am not making the cake after all. We are moving instead! It is a good thing so I'm not upset about losing the cake job. And the bride took it very well. God is really blessing us right now. Thanks again for your advice
I have been commissioned to make a "gothic castle" wedding cake. By gothic, they mean the historical period, not blood sucking vampire. Anyway, the bride provided me with the following drawing as a guideline. She wants a white chocolate cake with raspberry filling. What is the best medium to use to make the castle walls? Gumpaste, fondant, modeling chocolate, etc... The wedding is October 14, so I have some time to research. I would love to get all the advice I can...
I just got back from HL and, boy, did I get the MOTHER LOAD!! My HL honored the coupon with no limit on the number of items so I got everything I could including the tilting turntable. I saved $112! I know that is a lot to spend, but I shouldn't need to shop again for about a year! Plus I think I am fully equipped to do wedding cakes now. Wooooooo Hoooooo!
God bless your little soul!!! Bump!
Hey, I started hand painting petit fours a couple of weeks ago and I have had great results with oil based candy colors. I learned the trick from The Whimsical Bakehouse. They claim you can get more vibrant colors with the oil based colors. I used vegetable oil to thin out the color. It went on beautifully and did not seperate or show brush marks as bad. They can be purchased in the candy making aisle of your local hobby store. Just another option.
I am making my first petit fours and I thought they might be easier to handle if they were frozen before I poured on the fondant. Also, I tried the candy melts as icing, but thought the flavor was very bad. I am planning on using the poured fondant recipe on this site. What do you think?
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