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You did a great job. Yes, the flowers are too big but that is not your fault. GREAT JOB !
KITCHENAID IS THE BEST! I bake many cakes and I blew up many mixers until I bought the kitchenaid. It might cost a little bit more than others but it is a durable and heavyduty machine. It also has many other uses if you want to buy the attachments.
Don't dispair. My teacher gave me an idea and I have try it with several cakes. It works just fine. Just use royal icing, color it what ever color you want or you can add sprinkles. I like to use my star tip and just go around whatever you can see of the board. The royal icing will dry hard and it is probably one of the things you used to decorate the cake with anyway.
Hi SquirrellyCakes , I don't think it is so much the cost, but that people don't want to hear anything negative even if they asked for your opinion. I love it when people tell me when there is something wrong with my cakes, that way I can improve on my next try. Hugs back.Saraiz
The Kitchenaid may be more expensive than the other ones, but in the long run you are going to save money. I bought 2 cheaper ones , and after 3or 4 months they didn't want to work right, so I went and bought the KitcheAid (which they told me to buy in the first place, but I wanted to SAVE money) . I've had it now for almost a year and I am in love with it. But shop around , sometimes you can get them for a great price.
I know that we are all different and not at the same level , but there is always room for improvement.
While looking at all the beautiful cakes on this site, (and other sites also), I have notice that people don't pay attention to the cake boards. Almost all are just left NAKED. I think that the base should be treated as part of the cake. Just by adding a ribbon around it or covering the base with fondant will add so much more to the cake. Ladies and Gentlemen , the plain little black dress looks better when you accesorize. HAPPY BAKING!!!
KITCHENAID for sure. Believe me , I have tried the others , they are not as good.
You can also go to
I'm really sorry that is taking me so long to post the instructions for the Jello. I'll post them real soon.
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