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Thanks Flowermom & Baileygirl, I have had problems melting chocolate for years. My first attempt was to make molded candy and I had the same thing happen. I do use a glass pyrex bowl or measure cup to melt the chocolate in and I think after reading all the advise I am overheating the chocolate. I keep heating the chocolate until it fully melts but as I said earlier that never happens! I will try again this weekend! Thanks again for all the helpful hints!
Okay...I re-read the entire thread and I can't even get the chocolate melts to melt!! They are the wilton brand. I put a few in the bowl and put in the microwave and started at about 8 second mixed a little they started to melt than a few more seconds mixed and returned again and now it is a messy lump of chocolate! This happens everytime I try to melt chocolate( in the micro or on the stove). What am I doing wrong?? Finally I would like to add that the pooh cake is...
Khalstead I love your leaf cookies! May I ask what color fondant is the base color of the cookies? They look like real leaves and your method seems alot easier than all royal. TIA
When you take the wilton course they teach you to smooth your cake with a spatula as smooth as you can get then let it sit about 10 minutes or so. The frosting will crust(harden) then you take the smooth side of a paper towel and start to rub the frosting not pressing. If you press the frosting will stick to the paper towel. And you keep lifting the towel and moving it rubbing allover the cake until it is smooth. I'm not the best at explaining!
Thanks Fairytale, I am very inexperienced in cookies and everytime I try and they don't look like everyones so you get very discouraged. Now all my daughters friends are turning 16 this year and each girl does something different for the day in school to celebrate and my "wonderful"daughter volunteered me for cookies! So I guess if I can get it figured out I will be making alot of these this year.Thanks so much for all your help!
Okay, now I'm really confused!! Fairytale, what is the difference betweenpainting and flooding and if you put the black lines on first how do you keep the other colors from bleeding in? I guess their is alot more to making perfect cookies than I expected. Will make a batch of icing and add the black and let it sit. Thanks everyone for all your help!! Someone(hint, hint!!) should do a tutorial on decorating and outlining cookies!!
Thanks, my other question which I should of asked is how do you get the icing so black? My icing seems to be more gray.
Help! I have a couple dozen cookies to make for a sweet 16 and can't figure out the black it done before or after the color? Is this a special technique? TIA
I would love to try this recipe...where can I find it? Thanks
Thanks everyone for all your help!! I have tried using water on the tower to attach fondant and it helped and I also spent more time smoothing out all the wrinkles....they looks lots better and that is alot of work!! Thanks again!
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