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I, too, am new to cake decorating. I've done a few things that I'm sort of pleased with, but I know all of it takes time and practice. I've read through the posts giving the guidance on brushed embroidery, but I've still got questions. Once the cake is covered in fondant (I do know how to get this far), the flower is piped onto the cake? What flower? Am I supposed to draw a flower free hand onto the fondant? I hope there's an easier way because I'm not an artist. ...
Thank you so much for your responses. It just shows you need to know where to look. I appreciate it. Cassie
I've just begun this wonderful, addicting hobby. So, there is so much I need to know and learn. For starters, is there a tip to use that would look like wood? Well, I guess I mean branches of a tree, flowers or a clothesline pole. Great reading. I spend entirely too much time reading!
Thanks JoAnn,I knew that would be the answer. If it were for me, I would have tried all kinds of repairs. Although, the cake is not for sale, I'm taking it to my daughter's house and I would like it to look as nice as I can make it. Cake #2 is in the oven.Thanks,Cassie
Help, I plan to cover my cake in fondant, and I just took the layers out of the oven and when I took them out of their pans, a chunk came out of each layer. I now realize that there wasn't enough crisco/flour (how elementary), but the damage is done. Can I still use these layers to cover in fondant? Thanks so much
Thanks for your thought. I had let the crusting buttercream dry for three hours. I did think of using RI, but since it was folds on the dress I questioned how the cake would be cut.
There is a baby dress (Baptism I believe) in the gallery. The dress has folds in it and is magnificent. A question was asked of the decorator as to how the folds were made. The response was that a crusting buttercream and a #12 tip was used for the folds and then it was frosted very carefully (something like that). Well, I tried that yesterday (on a practice board) and once the #12s were dry and I started to try to frost over them, the frosting just schmooshed (?) into...
Thank you Leily and Biya. That's just what I was looking for. Wow, how quickly you can find something when pointed in the right direction. I've saved to my favorites. Great!
There was a time when I was lurking that I saw quite a few patterns and sketches for onesies, baby dresses, shower ideas, etc., I've done a few searches but can't find the right place. I have found butterflies, booties, etc. Are they no longer available, or am I in the wrong place. Thanks so much, Cass
Thank you guys. When you don't know, you just don't know. I was just thinking that milk would make the cake taste better.
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