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I purchased The Confetti Cakes book a couple of months ago, Ms. Strauss gives detailed, clear instructions for everything in her book. Between her step by step instructions, and great photographs, I tend to believe she realizes some of us are going to "copy" her cakes and not just look at the pretty pictures.
Hello, I've used the crusting buttercream from this site with great success. Can I use the faux fondant and add chocolate to it? If so, how much would I add? Do I then keep the same amounts for the other ingredients? I did a search for crusting chocolate and did not find one. Thanks for your help, Cassie
Uggh, thank you. Now, why didn't I think of that. It seems so obvious now.
Hi Shirley,Thanks to you, I was able to ruffle a petal. I was not holding the ball tool at the proper angle, nor at the right spot on the gumpaste and foam. I so much appreciate your sharing your expertise. Cassie
There is a very pretty cake in the gallery made by Baysmeme. The flower is outlined white, but the inside (where it is brushed appears to be a deep pink)? How is that done? I've tried brushed embroidery, but your are pulling with your brush from the outline. Is there someother way to do this. TIA, Cassie
Hi Shirley,Thank you for your quick response. Your answer has given me something to work with and I appreciate it. I'm going to follow your directions and give it a try today. I'll also be on the lookout for your recommendations for "viewing". This board is wonderful, I'm learning so much just by reading. Cassie
I have most of the tools necessary to make flowers and leaves, (to include the metal ball tool for thining and ruffling). But, having not taken a class (visual is so much better) on gumpaste flowers, I find that no matter how hard I try, I don't believe that I am thinning correctly and absolutely cannot get the hang of ruffling. So many pretty flowers need ruffling and I just cannot figure it out. Can someone help by explaining exactly what to do with the metal ball...
Thank you, Linda. Today is practice day. Cassie
Oh, one more thing before I give it a try. Which tip is used for outlining? I'm getting excited to give this a try. Thanks to all for responding.
Hi Chrissy, Yes, that has helped a lot. I thought for a moment there that I was going to need to go to art school also. I'll make a batch of RI and begin practicing. I appreciate your help. Cassie
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