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I read somewhere that sugar "preserves" a buttercream frosting i.e., the cake can be left "out" and not refrigerated. True? Thanks for your help. Cassie
Thanks guys for trying. No luck. Cassie
Has anyone purchased or seen mini cookie cutters with a sports theme? I've just spend at least one hour running all over the internet searching without any luck. I plan to make a shower cake for a baby boy using the clothesline on one tier and I had the bright idea to use sports themed fondant pieces for the other tier. So far, I've been unable to locate more than just a round mini cutter that could be used as a baseball. If there are such minis out there, I know...
Yes, I was able to download and print the pictures and instructions just as they appeared on the screen. Unfortunately, having the instructions didn't help me create the flower. Talent can't be downloaded. But, I have so many other photos of sketches that I have used in the past (writing instructions in the right margin). I'll download those as I need them.Star downloader is a free program that then opens in your photo program. It's available at
Well, you sent me in the right direction. I used my "star downloader" and that worked. I can't tell you how many sketches, photos, etc. that I've printed with the right margin cut off. That will no longer happen. As always, cake bakers, thanks for the help. Cassie
Thanks, Yummy. I had tried that. I don't understand why that doesn't work for me. I appreciate your trying to help me.
I sincerely appreciate the time and patience that so many of you have taken to post your talents. But, I need help in being able to print a full page of sketch. For example, the full size baby bootie is cut off at the sole. Can someone point me in the right direction to correct my printing. Thanks, Cassie
Does anyone know if BJs also has a premade icing? And, if so, is it as good as this one from Sam's seems to be. TIA, Cassie
That's it. Wow, it's as though you want to know something, post it, and someone "out there" will share. I thank you so, so much. Cassie.
Does anyone know how to do this technique? I'm sorry that I don't have a link for a photo. But, if you know how to do it, you'll know what I mean. Will someone share with me? Thank you, Cassie
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