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I've made the Nicholas Lodges recipe, it was very easy to make and I've used it for roses and calla lillys. I previously have only used prepared gumpaste. What I've made is very, very hard. When I take it out of the fridge, and have it come to room temperature, it still is much harder than the prepared that I've purchased. Maybe I accidently put in too much tylose?? Would that have caused it, or is it the "home made" just stiffer than the purchased? Thanks
I am looking for an English Embroidery Cutter. I don't understand why it is called that because the name doesn't resemble what the cutter looks like. The cutter is round and there is a "ruffly" round inside the outer round. Do you understand what I'm trying to describe? I'm not sure I would. Anyway, I did a search to include GSA and I can't locate one. When you cut the fondant, the edges are ruffled. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate...
I just knew you wedding cake bakers would come through and help me. I guess my biggest fear was the freezing and how long I could do that without having a "stale" cake. I can only thank you with words for your help, but please understand how much I appreciate your knowledge. Cassie
I need advice from those of you who have made wedding cakes. I promised my sister that I would make hers. She keeps saying, "are you sure, you may be too busy as time gets closer". I really, really want to do this for her. One of the things she said to me was she didn't want stale cake at her reception. She didn't say it with an attitude, but she also didn't want me making it a month in advance to avoid the stress of baking and decorating. I can't believe that...
Thank you JoAnn, I'll put the finished frosted cake in the fridge to assure that the frosting is firm. I appreciate your help.
Can buttercream (stiff) also be used for embroidery, or must it be royal?Thanks for the help.
Thank you for your response. It's new to me, and I believe I may be quite a worrier, I just want to get things right.
Quite a few of you answered my previous post about the safety of leaving a frosted cake out on the counter for a day or two. I appreciate the responses. Now, I'm thinking, the cake itself has milk in the recipe (1 1/3 cups). Does that mean that the cake needs to be refrigerated? TIA, Cassie
Help? It's more than I asked. Now I know that I can have the cake on the counter for a day and feel secure about it, AND that I should use water instead of milk for a better crusting effect. Thank you so much, Jan, there is something to learn everyday and this is the site from which to learn. Cassie
Love the quick responses. I'm using a buttercream recipe, a combination of shortening and butter, I found the recipe "Crusting Buttercream Icing (Viva Method) on this site. The only change I've made to it is to add milk (at most 1/3rd cup) rather than water. I'm not using cream cheese, or whipping cream. It sounds as though you agree that it is safe to leave out for a couple of days?? Once more, thank you for your help.
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