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The cake is being picked up tomorrow evening. I know I can't use candy melts to put her head and leg together, (candy would be greasy, right)? How about I make a batch of royal icing and use that. I am so upset and don't know what to do. TIA (I hope).
Thanks for the responses. Guess going with the little heart will be what I need to do. It isn't wet, it's been drying for a few days. And, next time, I will make two. That would have made sense since, especially with Dora, I had to mix the colorflow for so many different colors.
Well, made my first color flow "Dora" and she turned out just fine EXCEPT I tried to smooth out a little by her mouth using a paint brush with water. I thought the brush was "damp" and not wet, but WRONG. Now, she has an indent next to her mouth. Of course, I didn't save the color since so little was left. I can attempt to recreate her face color, but if I put it on top of what is there, will it then be a total disaster? Any suggestions that might help me? Thanks in...
Yes, totally helpful - I sincerely appreciate your directing me to great videos!
Now that the ClayStore no longer is available, can someone help with instruction of making "grill food", i.e., hot dogs, hamburgers/cheese, kabobs, etc.. I've searched but to no avail. If help is out there, thank you so much!
I've purchased cake decorating books from some famous "bakers". Their books give full and total instructions on how to make "their" cakes and cookies. I've paid for their "instruction" by buying their books e.g., Confetti Cakes and Toba Garrett's cakes and cookie books. If they didn't want anyone copying their designs, why would they have their books printed, and sold with step by step instruction? I don't understand. I believe their designs are all originals. I'm...
If I duplicate a cake that I've seen on a website, is that a no-no? I'll have my own take on it, but, obviously I'll be influenced by what I've seen. When I say a website, I mean a bakery. Thanks for knowledgable responses.
OK, shaved chocolate worked perfectly. The chocolate shavings were all throughout the cake. Only issue was shaving the chocolate; it was time consuming compared to just "dumping" chips into the batter. But, I guess this will be my method from now on. Wanted to let you guys know how it worked out.
I did try not putting any in the batter and just sprinkling on top and that's just where they stayed - on top - go figure. I put them on top and they don't travel AT ALL. I'm going to try putting just the few in the batter and then putting them on top and maybe swirling. I thank you all for your input. Also, my husband caught a few minutes of Ina on the Food Network and she was using "bar" chocolate shaved. She said the reason was because chips fall. I guess I should...
Thanks for the input. I'm anxious to try the cake again and see what happens.
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