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YOu can use wax paper and avoid wrinkles?
omg- it's a ball pan. I cut one of my fiingers off on thanksgiving and can't type all tht well!
I am making a 3-d bassinet cake. The base will be oval and for the top, I want to make a gumpaste shell. I formed this over a call ban and it won't come off (not enough corstarch i guess). Any suggestions? I am traveling with it on a plane...
OMG- thank the baby Jesus! You guys rock!
Having trouble finding mini cookie cutters. I need cutters to make decorations for cupcakes. I find myself making my own templates and hand cutting everything. Any of you have a favorite place to shop?
I had one made and it is not what I wanted. I wanted to be able to change the size of the tower to accomodate the number of cupcakes. Does this exist and if so, where do I get it?
I have an order for 50 cupcakes. Birthday boy is going to be 50 and likes motorcycles, Maryland Tarpins. The daughter suggested over teh hill toombstones, too. I am thinking of making adible image plaques. any other suggestions?
I need to make 75 edible image plaques for a corporate account. Is there a template for a circle plaque? If not, how do I creat one? I am horrible with computers. I would prefer not to cut each out by hand. any suggestions? I am using wafer paper as I like that much better than frosting sheets. Any help is appreciated.
Hi all- I can't find my order form and we are opening tomorrow. Can anyone send me one that I can modify quickly? PLEASE?
So, I just talked to my boss and she said that if the chef says anything she is going to set him straight. She said that they love my designs and that as far as she is concerned he can go _________ __________. She said not to have anxiety about him. I bet money that he says something when she is not around and then I will just have to stand my ground. I will tell him that I clear everyone of my design with my boss nd they have been approved. Furthermore, I don't need...
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