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I will have to ask if they have any type of logo, that's a good idea. Thanks.
My BIL has asked me to make a cake for the finale of a group he's been chairing regarding gang prevention. The direct quote from the study is How can prevention efforts reduce gang membership and the impacts of gang activity in the region?The only idea we were able to think of was a wall with graffiti on it, and a little dude with a paint bucket and roller painting over it. It needs to be a sheet cake or something similarly easy to transport, as it will need to go 40...
Okay, I got a little clarification, and it seems to make it alot easier. She said, it's more like, they are going to hawaii, and she is turning 5-0. That gives me alot more options. I have looked in the gallery, and I will look some more, but I found some awesome inspiration. Has anyone ever done a piƱa colada type cake. I was thinking a coconut cake with pineapple filling. Do you think that would be tasty?
My cousin's wife has asked me to make her mother's 50th birtday cake. the theme is Hawaii 5-0. Unfortunately, that is before my time, and I know nothing about it. Any ideas would be great. She is thinking ether pineapple or coconut cake, so if you have a recipe taht would be great also! Thanks!
OMG! I haven't had zucchini bread in ages!! My mom made the best zucchini bread in life. I'll have to search out the recipe. All I know, is it included adding chocolate chips. *drool*
Haha, guess it would have helped to look at the cake you were trying to make.
Here are some tutorials I found searching online. I think if it can be found online, then it's fair game (except of course taking credit for it like you did it yourself)
I work in a mailroom, and we order from In a pinch I have "borrowed" some boxes and they seem to work okay. Not sure if they are food safe though.
These are for roller skates, but if you wanted to do high top sneakers, you could just do it without the wheels and maybe a little shorter
Check out this link for pic and instructions
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