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Oh, that just made my freaking day!!! I am laughing still! I mean they are all awful! You have to believe that a family member did them. I am no expert, by far. But I wouldn't even have tried some of those. I know my own limits and stress that. That is why I am still just practicing!
I would say smaller, maybe a 3 or 4 inch half ball. That is just my own personal taste so that the flowers will have the tier to rest on as well. I was also taught to cover the styrofoam ball with fondant that is the same color as the cake so it doesn't stand out. HTH
A little pearl or luster dust could help you get a shine on the balls. HTH
Man I was thinking the same thing as indy, peg and leah!!! She has been lucky as I don't know what if she is doing wedding cakes this way! Wow!!!!
Thanks, everyone! I mean I was hopping up and down like I hit the lotto or something. Now I am busy at work on a dummy cake to try it out. Maybe that one might make it, too-lol!
This is a first for me. At the moment I have the last picture on there. But I am still feeling pretty good about that. I have never been on the front page!!! But in truth, it is really the fact that i was using my instruction from Aine2 to make little cowlick. So she deserves the glory more than I do. She is a totally amazing instructor!! Thanks, Lorraine!
Good luck, honey! I know all about the nerves! I am praying for you. But I am sure it'll all work out! Please post pics!! )
Thanks for the info. Leily. I was just about to ask the same questions about collages.
Hi all. My family and I are heading to Vicenza, Italy for the long weekend and I was wondering if any CC members are in or near there. I was hoping to find some cake stuff and friends in between the site seeing and picture taking. I am hoping to find TONS of inspiration for cakes while I am there! Thanks for any help or info.Tanya~
I am with Nancy on this one! Chocolate brown, with chocolate scrollwork and even a chocolate candy clay bow would look amazing! Or to add the cream color in, do a cream candy clay bow!It is all in the way you decorate it. Good luck and can't wait to see the pics!
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