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Yes i'm making candy clay. I just wasn't sure if I should use the white or the dark chocolate melts and if I should use the powder color or the gel color black. Will I have to use a whole bottle of black powder color? Thanks for your help.
I wanted to use candy melts to make an xbox cake for my son. How do I get the melts black. I'm using white melts. I was told at the cake supply store to use the powder color. If that is right do I use it after I melt them or wait til I knead it the next day and knead it in there. Any thoughts would be appreciated ASAP! Thanks!
I just wanted to know what ever happened to the online pricing matrix that was being created. I'm new to the site and just read about it. Any info is appreciated. I don't have a clue as how to price the cakes I do make. Thanks.
Thank you very much for the recipe. I'm going to try it this week. Thanks again. Oh name is Michele (one "l") too!
I have a request for a white cake with an almond flavor. I was told it was kind of like a wedding cake flavor I guess. Does anyone have any recipes to accomplish this? Thanks in advance for your help
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