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You can buy candy colors or use Americolor flo-coat with any of their colors to tint white candy melts. You cannot color candy with normal cake coloring as it will seperate. I am not sure exactly what color combination you would need but you could experiment with the blues and aqua. HTHDiane
I tend to make my fondant cupcakes a little domed and use a lot of buttercream. I use a round cutter bigger than the cupcake and kinda form it around into a little dome and decorate. I love the look of fondant but you can't beat biting into buttercream.
I'm wondering if the cake was too 'fresh'. I had the same problem when I decorated a cake I had made that morning. Since then I always let the cake firm up overnight before decorating. I have made the same shape a couple of times since without a problem. HTHDiane
Definitely Satin Ice. I recently ran out and had to use MMF again last weekend. I have not used it in a couple of years. It was so difficult to get a perfect finish as it was very stretchy and difficult to roll. Ordered more SI the next day! It tastes good too.
Definitely my most useful item has been my Kitchen Aid mixer! Worth every penny!Sugar sparkles and super pearl luster dust (I like all the colored dusts but this is my most used one). A little sparkle makes everything look great!Sil-Pat silicone mat. Use it for everything. Expensive but worth the splurge.Tiny cutters for fondant work, like stars and circles. Alphabet cutters too (I am terrible at piping names). Cutters are great for coming up with quick but...
Thanks! Pistachio was the flavor I was trying to think of! Has anyone tried pistachio cake or have any ideas what fillings would work? Mango mousse sounds good too, but I've never worked with mango. Any recipes?
Oooh, I can't wait to try out these new flavors!!
I am making a cake shaped like a map of India for an orphanage fundraiser. The host asked for a flavor that reflects India. When I think of India, I think of yummy curry, spices and naan, but not cake! Any suggestions as to a palatable flavor that would be appropriate??How about coconut, mango, tea, or nuts? Anyone have some good recipes or ideas?Help! This is due next weekend...Diane
That's a great idea. I was trying to think 3-dimensional, but why not just make it 2D? It would be a lot easier!Thanks,Diane
I am making a groom's cake for a friend who won an Emmy last year. I wanted to make a stack of film reels and put an edible Emmy on the top. The trouble is, how do I do the Emmy?I have searched on the web for a chocolate one without success. I was thinking I could make the globe in her hands with a balloon wrapped in gumpaste. Has anyone done this before??I even thought of 'borrowing' the Emmy to take some extra pictures since the online pictures are not very helpful,...
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