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I found this in one of the catalogs from last year...hope this helps!
You have to check out Eleni's too. They have gorgeous cookies but they also sell delicious cupcakes. The Reece's one is so yummy! But, wait till after 5pm and all the baked goods like cupcakes, brownies and drop cookies go half price. You really need to be there right at 5 to get the best selection and try the most flavors. I liked the brownie bites too. The oatmeal cookies where also tasty! Great deal and cute little shop. Don't try to take a picture inside the...
I bubble wrap each cookie individually then put them in the box in a single layer. I put a layer of cardboard down on top of the cookies and then follow that with another layer of cookies. I have found this works well, especially when you have more than one shape of cookie. Good luck! Hope everything arrives perfectly! I get sick to my stomach when I ship cookies!!
I use this template technique all the time and love the unlimited possibilities it offers. You HAVE to chill your rolled out dough or you will get the jagged edge. Roll my dough out on parchment, slide a cookie sheet under it then pop it in the freezer while my oven in preheating. When it is set up enough I cut my shape out and it is easy peasy!
That is so lovely! Thanks for sharing the how-to!
Thanks for the information and the discount code too! I just ordered mine...I am already excited about Christmas cookies!!
I too had an issue with my new kopy kake ink cartriages and when I called customer service the guy there was great! He was very patient, knew exactly what my issue was and walked me through correcting the problem. I was very impressed!
Oh, thanks for sharing this website! I have never heard of them and it was so fun to check out their site!
I feel your pain about leaving Italy. We where at Caserma Ederly in Vicenza for 3 yrs and I miss it!
I don't live in Hawaii any more but I use to live just down the road from Mililani in Waipahu on Lumiauau St.! I was too close to the outlets! We also lived in Waialua on Au street. I miss it so much! Maybe my husband can get stationed there again and we could be baking buddies! Please sniff some plumeria for me...please!
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