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How do I prevent the crispy crust on the edges of my cupcakes? Thank you.
I will be in Ft. Myers Beach Thanksgiving week. Can anyone suggest a great place for cupcakes? Thanks!
You must go to Chelsea market and visit the bakeries there. My favorite is Ruthy's. Great cupcakes with gobs and gobs of icing.
If she is contacting the news I would tell her thank you and please get the spelling of your bakery correct !!!
Mommaskip - does Lentz Milling sell to the public? I am in Limerick, PA and that would be so convenient for me. Thanks
WOW, I am sure if she were asked to do that she would not skimp on the detail. That to me takes nerve. I say GIVE EM WHAT YOU GOT.
I am going to be visiting San Antonio this weekend for a conference. Can anyone suggest a fun bakery or cake decorating supply store that I should visit while I am there. Thanks1
I have frozen choc. covered pretzels and have had no problem with them being mushy when they thaw. The only thing is, they do lose some of their sheen. You could always buy the edible laquer, but it is about $30/can. Hope this helps.
I just but the Epson C120 and purchased the edible ink from Kopykake. However, the ink cartridges would not fit into the printer. The tech guy @ Kopykake promises me he will be able to walk me through until it does work, I just haven't had the time. He did say that the C120 was the best, inexpensive printer to use. Mine was $89. Hope this helps, although my experience has not been successful as of yet, I do expect it to get resolved. Good Luck.
First of all - congratulations. YES, you must do it. Just jump right in. This is your time to shine. The anticipation and the unknown is the worst part. It is never as bad as you imagined. Good Luck and keep us posted.
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