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My cake pan storage area was out of control! My DH had to build me a huge closet in the garage! Good luck!
vixterfsu, For a 2 layer 12x18 I would charge$54. Three layer thats one huge cake!Hi candyladyhelen, we are building a second place down in Shallotte. I think you are right next to that right?Diane
I bought the majority of my character pans on ebay. As far as supplies I order a lot through and buy from Micheals and AC Moore.
wilton has some instructional DVD/VHS, Cake Decorating 1-2-3 VideoWatch how to level & frost a cake, make simple borders, flowers & leaves.$21.95
I live in Durham. Diane aka golfgma
I agree, don't back down on your price. Christmas time I did (10) 5 inch christmas presents for a woman. Granted, I really decorated them (they are in my photos) and I gave her a good deal of $10 each. But what a LOT of work for me to do 10! I don't think I would every do that again. Sounds like this woman is trying to take advantage of you.
great job! love it!!
I have made my handles by braiding 50 fondant / 50 gumpaste and inserting two toothpicks in the ends of the braids. I lay on a piece of parchment paper in the shape I would like so that they dry. Then once it dries i stick into the cake. So I make sure I tell my customers that everything is edible, BUT the 4 toothpicks in the 2 basket handles. Most of them don't eat the handles anyway. I think I have a basket or two in my photos if you want to look. Diane aka golfgma
i ordered frosting sheets from icing images on line and I like them a lot!
I don't know how many people it needs to serve, but if you need a jersey you can use the 9x13 pan and then 2 mini loaf pans for the sleeves and carve them slightly to resemble a shirt. slightly carve the neck line and maybe take some off down the sides to give some shape. Or maybe a sheet cake with a FBCT of a football jersey??Diane
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