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cookiemama2...those look absolutely awesome....would never say they are just fondant....great job!!
cookiemama2....those look absolutely awesome...would never say that they are just did a great job!!
Sorry for the late reply.....time difference is about 9hrs....So when I sleep you are all awake...Lol!Josefina 20...I use all white margarine 250gramswith 8 cups of sugar and half a cup of milk... Very seldom get the clear vanilla here, so at times useother flavorings..
gramof5...that is exactly what I did...Took a ball of fondant and rolled it into a ball, pressed it slightly flat, pinch two sides to make the ears and wow! you have a Hullo Kitty shape...Got several in my photos...did some last week that the customer used on the birthday cake and cupcakes that she baked..
Didn't have a cake order for this week, but made toppers for an Alice in Wonderland birthday....Battled with the tail of the cat, kept falling, so eventually dumped the first one and made it a bit smaller. Mixed a lot of CMC with the fondant and made the tail slightly smaller and it worked with stayed up!!
I use white margarine in all my BC icing...and it works for me...
I used this cream cheese recipe from a friend recently and it worked fine for me....I piped it onto Red Velvet cupcakes and it held perfectly..110ml Margarine/Butter at room temp.375ml Powdered sugar100ml Cream Cheese5ml Vanilla EssenceCream butter & powdered sugarMix in the cream cheeseand lastly the vanillaPut into the fridge to set....Let me know if it worked for you!
My pleasure.....I happened to be on the site when your message came through and jumped at the thought of them being smaller had to go and check
Each bottle contains 3/4-ounce color gel, larger than many other brandsChecked on the Home page now and this is what it says...
I also bake and freeze my cakes, for all if you have a few orders going that week... a tip I picked up from many of the ladies here on CC who bake and freeze their cakes.As long as you wrap it up properly in plastic wrap and I then put it into another plastic bag.Take it out a few hours before you need to decorate and let it thaw in its wrapping....and I have never had any complaints about my cakes being dry..So, give it a try!!
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