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Awesome and very cute!! thank you for sharing Louglou, you did a great job on the cake. I'm sure your daughter loved it
That's a beautiful cake! make sure you 'show and tell' if you decide to make it
Awesome thread, thank you!!!!
 Hi LTEC, I apologize but I don't have the logo anymore  --- I had it in my old computer but that computer crashed and Iwas never able to recover it. Although, you can always google JC logo and you'll find many different sizes, styles and colors. Good luck!!
I joined since day one and I love, love, love it !!!!  Sharon rocks at everything she does  ----and when you have questions she answers them right away. Yup, if you haven't join you're missing out!!!!!
Thanks again!
I knew an expert would chime in!! Thanks a million Rychevamp!!!! and you are so right...when it happened to me I had just taken my cake out of the fridge and it was quite cold, but my smbc was at room temperature. I should had worked faster to apply the bc or let the cake come to room temperature first.   **side note---I have soooo many cake toys already, but a torch is one that I MUST add still 
I've had that happened to me in the past and couldn't figure out what I did wrong...I've done succesful batches in the past though... maybe the SMBC experts can help here. I'd like to know too.Good luck!!
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