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A coworker just approached for make to make his wife's birthday cake. She is part of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority.He is cake clueless and the only thing he said was three things:*Triangle Shaped*Red and White *and use a lady figure that's one of the sorority (delta sigma theta) symbols: doesn't want a plain cake, what else could I do with it to make it girly and birthday like?Also, I do not have a triangle pan and was...
I have tried baking them in two liners however the second liner doesn't stick to the cake and looks ugly!
Every time I buy coloured cupcake liners the colornever comes through because of the grease, moisture of the cupcakes while they are baking. Is there anyway to avoid that? If I want to have cupcakes with pink liners what do I do to keep them looking pink??
forget it, can't attach the picture, but you get the idea. help please!
Here's the blanket:
I have been asked to do a baby shower cake and the lady said to use the baby's blanket as an inspiration to decorate the cake. It's flowers and butterflies, see attached. I have some cutters that I can use for the flowers but what is the best way to recreate the butterflies? what is a technique I can use to get the butterflies to look like that with out a cutter, cricut or anything like that?
Salty and pretty dense, it is the first time to this recipe. Cake calls for :2 cups of self rising flour (I used gold medal)1 cup of butter (95mg of sodium)1 cup of sugar1/2 teaspoon of vanilla1/2 teaspoon of Brandy6 eggs (separated, folded in egg whites at the end)What do you think went wrong? I am thinking that it was either the flour or the butter?
thanks, i didnt beat my egg whites enough. the cake turned out very dense.
Hello, The last step of the Sylvia Weinstock yellow cake recipe is to fold the egg whites by hand. Can anyone tell me what folding egg whites do for the cake? and also how much should you beat them?should they be merengue like? can you do it in advance and let them seat?Thanks!
are there any in Cake Central?
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