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  "Let's Party!"  slogan:   ummm, okay...something catchier than "your complete party and event store"...yeah, that's all I got.....sorry...
Yes, a taste test is Definitely in order... and since I happen to be visiting my son in Orange County this week, and it sounds like you need a little help performing that test and I am more than happy to volunteer my services!!!!
I think Whisky Buttercream would taste quite different from an Irish Cream Buttercream; wouldn't it? Even though there is butter in the icing, aren't you missing the flavor of the cream? Does that makes sense?
Depending on the decoration - pass it along to a homeless shelter, nursing home, as a thank you for your local hospital staff, fire dept. police dept., school staff on Mon.... unless it is a "belly cake"' that one might require quite a remodel, eh? Really sorry that happened - a learning experience - not fun.
I vote for pound cake, coffee cake, chocolate cake or angel food. Bundt cakes didn't become popular until mid-60s.
One note, Americans eat cookies, not "biscuits" with tea or coffee.
In the long run, it is not the printer but the ink and paper which will be your biggest expense. In the USA, edible ink friendly  printers are relatively inexpensive and food safe - buy a new one.
I got the rice paper at a local candy and cake supply store, but it must be available online. I Don't have any brand name to give you and there is no list of ingredients on the package I purchased.
Just started playing with my new Canon 5320 - LOVE it!  I tried cheapo rice paper/wafer paper and liked the look for a copy of a Bible verse, bought a pack of assorted frosting sheets from Kopykake - kind of a medium quality, nice sheets for most applications and the elite ink cratridge set and premium sheets from icing images. I will be using those for my most important projects - gorgeous sheets.
Yes, thank you Kate6207 - really inspired me to try a cake I've been dreaming about....
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