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What if you took white fondant and brown fondant and mixed them together until they were just slightly 'swirled'....then roll out the fondant and cut the size piece you need to wrap around the cake?    Or, take white fondant and do a few dabs of brown color on it and lightly knead the fondant to get a swirled look. 
Has anyone ever tried making basic chocolate chip cookies (or any cookies rather) with just yolks? I have become sensitive to egg whites and was wondering what would happen if I did the equivalent egg amount with just yolks?
Thanks candynumber1!
I used panchanewjersey's method except I used circles, not ovals. I did these for purse cookies (there's a pic in my profile) but I will admit it was a huuuuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeeeeeee pain in the butt!
If I could I would move back to Oregon in a heartbeat...they allow you to bake from your home kitchen and it is also the most beautiful place on earth
I second mgdsue02...get some shelfliner! Those cakes won't be going anywhere if you line the floor/trunk with it.
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