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I love making fondant flowers for all my cakes, but am having trouble keeping it snow white.  I make the MM fondant and it is really nice and white at first, but it turns an off white after it has been stored for a short time. There is a noticable difference between the fresh and the older batch.  Can anyone help me with this problem?
I am searching for pans to make the kind of miniature cupcakes that you buy from store bakeries. They have sides that are straight up and down, not tapered, and the bottoms are wider. What I can buy from regular stores are more like mini tart pans---called mini muffin pans. I need to do 300 of these for a fundraiser for handicapped kids, and what I have doesn't work. Because the bottoms are so small and the sides are tapered out, the cupcakes tip over easily. I would...
I am looking for a really good recipe for mini cupcakes that would use a brownie mix to start with. We need to do 300 of them for a fundraiser for disabled children, and I am trying to make things easier, but yet I want something decadent and yummy. Would anyone have a favorite recipe that would help me out? Thanks so much.
I am in need of a recipe for a nice dense vanilla cupcake that has as least a little dome to it. I would greatly appreciate your sharing your favorite recipe with me.Thanks so much.
I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to freeze cream cheese mints without having a problem with them afterwards. I will need to make several hundred of these little gems and it would certainly help if they could be frozen. Thanks so much.
I dust the molds with flour or spray them with a light coat of cooking spray. I use the NFSC recipe with almost no baking powder in it so they don't puff up too much when baked. Place a ball of dough in the mold and flattened it down with something round that will press the dough evenly into the mold like a bottle cover or a small glass. You want the bottle cover, etc. to be as close to the size of the mold as possible so the dough flattens down evenly in the mold. I...
Thanks for all the great info everyone. I am sure I will be able to find something with all these sources.
Thanks so much for the box source. I was hoping they wouldn't be so expensive so I will keep the name on file in case I can't find them cheaper.Does anyone else have any ideas where I might find them?
Several times now I have seen cookies packaged in 4" round clear boxes that are really cute. They are about 1" high and really show off the cookies. They must be two piece and I am wondering if anyone knows where to buy them.Thanks for any help.
I have tried this recipe twice now and I am sticking to the NFSC recipe which is always fabulour. I always wonder why I try something new when the old one works so good LOL.
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