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Congrats Shirley!!! I, too, don't play games anymore since Janice is gone. It's just not the same!
My favorite seller on Ebay that sells from Canada is bluelakefox cake decorating tools this seller offers a lot of stuff to work with fondant, gumpaste and so on. Also a variety of cake decorating magazines. Sellers from the US that ships to Canada that I like best are: auntiesplace varietyinstock and Rezzycakes and treats they sell lots of good stuff, and Rezzycakes is a member here on CC are the links for those...
I buy my cake boxes from a local supplier, so it's not much help for you... But other stuff I buy almost everything online at, here from CC, and lots of times I buy on Ebay. You find great stuff, from canadian ebay stores, if you want me to share some of my favorite sellers with you, just pm me!
WOOHOO!!!! Congrats! can't wait to see the pics!!! Best of luck and keep us posted on how it goes!!!!
they say that they sell 3200 or so. I already had a phone call this morning from a lady that wants a cake for sept 14. How cool is that?!? already one more customer!!!
Thanks everyone! I talk in the interview that I've learn a lot of new stuff on a discussion forum. They didn't want to name names, so they couldn't put Cakecentral boards, but that discussion forum part was for CC!!!
It finally came! I'm in the newspaper. Our local business developpement center helps lots of businesses around here. They help you find all the information you need for your new business, and also they give you one WHOLE page in the local newspaper. I made my interview in June, the picture was taken in February, but finally it was ready to be printed! The newspaper isn't on the web yet, so no link, but she sent me the pdf file with the article. So I'm trying to...
ok I like Relaxation!!!One thing I'll be able to do now that the kids will be back to school!!
I charge 2$/slice for every cake. And I'm the one that charges the highest here in town. I have a 300 pl cake (so 600$) in October and in the same month I have a possibility of a 400 pl cake (800$) and they didn't even gasp or been surprised for the prices! They said they want those people to come so they need to feed them. Like someone said already, if you can afford to invite those pl, you have to be able to afford feeding them!Good luck and keep us posted on how it...
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