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I use the Super Black from Americolor. A few drops will do ya! Same with their Super Red - no more lame pink icing!!
Metal - the 13 x 9 glass pans have rounded edges. Also the glass/pyrex is too thick. I think you'll be happier with the results from an aluminum pan. Good luck !!
I agree - you have to use an oven thermometer - even if your oven is new. I bake at 325 always. I also wrap the cakes right after the ten minute cool-off when they come out of the pans. I never have dry cake that way.
I am in Illinois and I bake from home only for family/friends. No advertising prices or anything like that. Word of mouth only. An no prices on your website, if you're going to have one. I've been under the radar for 2.5 years and all's well so far.
If it was barely a tilt/lean, I would have taken the money. Let her contact you if she wasn't happy with the cake setup. You may have given back money that you didn't have to !! JMO
Any reference to price would definately be advertising...with photos only, you're just sharing your work - same as if they were your family reunion photos, or anything else.
www.freewebs.comI'm sure there are others too, but I like this one. You can change the entire look very easily. I do pay the $2 per month so there are no annoying ads at the top, and to upload more than one photo at a time. I really like freewebs.
I have a website that shows pictures of my work. No prices, phone number or location ~ just my email. I use word of mouth, then direct them to the site to see photos.Think of it this way - you're just posting photos of your creations to share with family and friends far away ...nothing wrong with that!
Here you go!
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