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Hi, My sister is getting married Nov 21, and I'm making her wedding cake. I've never made a wedding cake before, so this should be interesting!First, I'm going to have to make the cake ahead of time, and freeze it. I don't normally freeze cakes, so I could use some tips. Do I level it before freezing it or later when it's thawed? Also, I usually brush my cakes with some sort of simple syrup...when's the best time to do this, before or after freezing?What's the best...
Here's my brother's law school graduation cake. My first attempt at a stacked book cake!
I'm making Sylvia Weinstock's "Classic Yellow Cake" (from her book Sweet Celebrations). I've made it several times, and I love it. It's been a while though, and I can't remember how much batter the recipe makes. Does anyone know approx. how many cups this makes?Thanks!
Thanks for that link. I hadn't seen that chart. Do you think it's pretty accurate? The amount of fondant they have listed is almost the Satin Ice recommendations. I want to make sure I have enough, but I also don't want to end up with 5lbs of fondant that will just go to waste!
I need to order fondant to cover a cake, and I'm not sure how much I need. Is there a way to figure out how much is needed, or a chart somewhere? I did find a Satin Ice chart with round cakes, but I'm making sheetcakes. I'm doing three sheetcakes: 12x16, 9x13 and 6x10. Any idea how much each of these will take? Thanks!
I guess I just won't refrigerate it. I have left leftover cake out of the fridge overnight before and it's been fine. I've just always heard that IMBC/SMBC should be refrigerated, so I was nervous about serving it to so many people if it wasn't. I just won't worry about it...If someone gets sick later, I can always blame it on the caterer! Thanks!
I'm making a stacked books cake for my brother's law school graduation. I usually use SMBC, and refrigerate it. I rarely cover cakes in fondant, so I'm not sure how it will hold up. The book covers will extend off of the cake just a tiny bit. Also, for decorations, the fondant will be painted with luster dust. My concerns about refrigerating it are: Will the fondant get soft and the book covers look saggy? Will it sweat? Will the luster dust run?Would it be ok to...
I'm glad I'm not the only needing help. Hopefully someone can provide some tips!
Hi everyone,My brother is graduating from law school in a few weeks, and I'd like to make a cake of stacked books for his graduation party. I saw several great cakes in the galleries, but I wasn't able to find instructions. Is there a how to article somewhere that I can't find, or does anyone have any advice? I'm specifically wondering the best way to wrap each layer in fondant for the book cover, and how to stack it. I have made covered cakes in fondant before,...
Thanks everyone for the advice. The bakery was closed yesterday, but I did email them this morning (Tuesday). It was a very nice email, and I said I'm sure it was just an oversight or something, and I know it's not their usual quality of work. I included pictures as well. I haven't received a response yet. I plan on calling tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens!
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