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VIVA PAPER TOWELS are the best tools for smoothing butter cream on anything!! Apply the butter cream on the cake (smoothing as best as you can) then allow to crust over for about 15 min. Gently apply a VIVA (yes it must be this brand) paper towel to the cake and slide your fingers over the paper towel. NOT MOVING THE PAPER TOWEL JUST PRESSING GENTLY PRESSING AND SLIDING YOUR FINGERS TO SMOOTH IT OUT. I use this technique all the time when working with butter cream. Here is...
Thank everyone for their opinions and their good/bad experiences. I think I will go ahead and apply for it and see how it goes. I may try to contact the instructor in my area to see what they think. I could really use extra money (son getting braces & car was totaled) and would rather be doing something I enjoy. I currently do about a cake a week out of my home on top of my 50 hr week job & 2 kids. I hope this works out & I enjoy it.
Thanks for all the great info. It has been 4 years since I took the classes but have been decorating ever since. How many hours a night is a class again? I am even more interested in doing this now. There is 1 opening here in Abilene, TX but I'm not sure what store....Hopefully Michaels.
I'm thinking of trying to become a Wilton Instructor. I understand that its good "Extra" money but can not pay my bills. I enjoy decorating cakes and think that I could do this. What are the good and bad points in this job? About much is pay? Is it worth it or just a pain? Very time consuming?Really I just want to hear what you think....Any help is appreciated.Thanks in advance,You guys are AWESOME!
I would like to see this but don't know where to look for it??
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