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There is a pewter luster dust called moonstone. I would make the bow a light gray and then paint it w/ the moonstone luster dust and vodka.
I use the recipe as written on the box, but let it air dry for a while after I've molded it into whatever shape I need. I've done it several times and it works well for me!
Has anyone ever substituted cream cheese for the sour cream in the WASC recipe? Just wondering if that would work for a cream cheese cake I've been asked to make. Thanks!
That's wonderful! Thanks so much!
I'm making a purse cake this weekend. The cake will be chocolate and I wanted to use ganache underneath my fondant (SI) for a nice smooth finish. I would prefer to use dark chocolate ganache because it tastes so much better than white chocolate ganache, but would dark chocolate ganache show through a fairly thick layer of white fondant? If so, is there any flavoring I could add to the white chocolate to make it taste better? Thanks!
Being from Michigan (also Macomb County), I am beyond ecstatic about this!!! I had no idea it was coming!!
This one, only because so many hours went into it!
I'm doing a small cake that will be decorated (just buttercream) and then frozen for a few days before it is eaten. The cake is supposed to be filled with lemon curd - the kind that is sold in the sleeve. I know the cake itself will be fine, but will the filling be okay once the cake is thawed? Thanks!!
I use BC for both scrolls and dots, but I mix in a good amount of light corn syrup to the BC before I pipe. Makes it go on more smoothly and lessens the liklihood of breaks in the BC. Good luck!
I've mixed buttercream into the blueberry filling that is sold by the sleeve. Tasted great.
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