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How am I supposed to decorate a german chocolate cake if I don't use buttercream icing? Can I use the traditional nut/caramel icing between the layers then cover outside of cake with buttercream icing and my fondant accents? Will this taste ok?
Can anyone point me to some instructions on how to make a magnolia flower out of gumpaste or fondant?
HI Everybody!I didn't realize there were so many Alabama bakers! I'm happily baking in Tuscaloosa! Roll Tide!
I'm doing a zebra birthday cake for this weekend. Black zebra stripes will be fondant placed on buttercream cake. What's the best way to do these ahead of time and store them so that they are still pliable on Thursday night when I want to assemble the cake? I took time last night to roll and cut the stripes and placed them in ziplock bags. This am, the fondant was all stuck together and somewhat melted! Maybe I had too many in the bag on top of each other????
I'm making a birthday cake for a party next weekend. Approx 20-25 people. I'd like to do a round tier cake rather than sheet cake. I'm planning on double layer 9" and 6", but I know that is going to be too much. What other pan sizes do you suggest. I don't want the cake to be too wimpy....
I'm rather new to cake decorating but I thought I would give my two cents. I'm preparing to do my first wedding cake this weekend. I froze a cake tier that was filled and iced in bc a few weeks ago. I thawed it last weekend so I could use it to practice some techniques. I hate to say it, but it was a disaster. Maybe I unwrapped it too early rather than keeping it totally wrapped during the thawing process, I don't know. But there was quite a bit of condensation, plus...
Thanks Tye! BTW, your cakes are gorgeous!
My first wedding cake is this weekend. I'm a bit nervous about it. I'm planning on doing 3 tiers, all white buttercream, beaded border, and simple scrollwork on the sides of the tiers. The florist will be adding real flowers. I'd like to add some shimmer to the cake. Maybe using some edible glitter that I have left over from my Wilton courses. How am I going to get the glitter to stick once the buttercream has crusted. I'm planning on using parchment paper to smooth...
If you have to apply the glitter before the buttercream icing crusts, how do you perform the smoothing technique with parchment paper or viva paper towel?
Thanks SugarAches! I was thinking I would probably need an icing recipe that doesn't crust. Also, thanks for your kind comment on my lingerie shower cake. I just read it.
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