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Mine's just plain white Merckens with crushed Starlight/peppermint candies. If I were doing a two-tone, I'd not flavor the brown chocolate, and just leave it as it is for a nice, not-overwhelming contrast. Illy
And I'll bet you that it doesn't taste all that good. I had a Walmart cake once... never again.The only place I'll buy from - if I don't do it myself - is Costco. (And it's so tempting to ask them for a plain, uniced cake and a separate container of their frosting and do it myself... hehe!)lly
I was going through my MIL's cake things and found some of the discontinued Tiara Desserts pans put out by Duncan Hines/Ekco... they're like Mary Jane/obsttorten pans, apparently. (An eBay search will pull up some pics of these things.)At any rate... what does one do with these things? I think they take 4 cups of cake batter, but I have no idea how long to bake and at what temp. It's my understanding that there were recipe cards that went with these things - does anyone...
I don't know of anything here - I moved here just a few months ago; JoAnn might be of more help there. On the other hand, though, in the Portland area is the Decorette Shop. They've got a store in Tigard and one in the SE Stark area, and they're pretty good. I've been happy with them.Illy
If you want 7" of space between the top of the cake and the top plate, and the cake is 2" thick, then yes, you'll need a 9" pillar.
If you're talking about the Wilton products:The push-in crystal spiked pillars fit with the standard scalloped plates as well as the clear crystal-look plates.The non-tapered twisted pillars have their own different plates.The scalloped and crystal look plates have an X-shaped peg that fits into the hollow end of the pillars, so no, they won't lose height.It looks like you want a smaller cake centered on a big plate and then surrounded by the pillars, and not have the...
Hiya! Where are you at? (Salem, here)The dept you're looking for is the Dept of Agriculture, believe it or not. The food safety stuff through the Health Dept is close, but if you're looking for non-legislative info regarding home bakeries, Agriculture's where to go. Domestic (primary) kitchen bakeries and second-kitchen bakeries are treated differently. The relevant laws are in ORS 625 and OAR 603-021; you can get to these through the state site. (Going from memory...
I'm an at-home with a 5 year old daughter... between here (more reading than posting), Aeclectic Tarot, and Henna Tribe, this is how I get my social fix Illy
It's just a cream cheese filling with drained & chopped peaches and some LorAnn's champagne flavoring. No proportions for the peaches or flavoring, it's just "to taste".Illy
Dark chocolate is a product of the manufacturing process, and has to do with the amount of vegetable fats, cocoa butter, and solid compounds in it. Sorry, you can't make it.Illy
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