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The time that I always find the most frustrating and not accounted for is the clean up, washing, drying, and putting away of pans, pans, pans, bowls..... not to mention the counters, floors.....
I have filled cupcakes with homemade lemon curd. I do live in a mild climate, not extremalyt hot or humid, but have not had any problems.
I bought it (the recipes do look good - and love the comentary) but have not tried a cake yet.
Buy Satin Ice They have a great deep red. You could also try AmericColor - much much better than Wilton gels.
I am more of a book person than online, and highly recommend almost any of the books by Debbie Brown- her instructuions are clear, most books include great pictures at different steps and her methods do not take use a lot of special tools.
The only flavor that I have found in Rich's Bettercreme is Chocolate - I refer to it as a chocolate mousse.It is really easy to whip up, I typically use it as a filling, though I have also frosted cakes with it. My best friend just likes a bowl of it straight and my nieghbors favorte is that I use any leftt over cake (unfrosted) layered with the Chocolate 'mousse' to make a 'triffle' - I have not had the heart to tell him I whip it straight from a carton, as he thinks it...
I really like my convenction oven - it does cook quicker - so you need to turn down the temp abotu 25 degrees and check sooner than the recommended time.I purchased it for baking, however, find what I REALLY like it for is roasing chicken- crispy on outside, juicy and tender on inside. - Yummy
I am also a Satin Ice fan - I find it easy to work with and I love thier vibrant colors, which mix well with white or ivory if you want a toned down color. The other fondant I use frequently is Chocopan. (made a gaint tan coffee cup, using thier coffee flavored fondant - fun!)I consider Wilton Fondant 'for decorative purposes only"
American Cake Decorator list events in the back of thier magazine. I just checked and events are also listed on thier web page, under the events tab:
The advantage of doing 5-6 cookies is that you can have small stations set up to share each technique (not to mention more fun for the girls)I did a party for my niece; the decorated 5-6 cookies and I gave them cake boxes to take home the cookies. I also had them decorate the cake boxes, so that was an additional activity (though we did not have 35 girls!)I did shoes/purses/dress/hat. I had cookies as follows (1) undecorated shoe, that they roll fondant with an...
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