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Does anyone know if you can pipe royal icing on chocolate w/o it slipping off? Can you use royal icing as a glue for chocolate?Thanks for the help!Kim
Thank you all for the great suggestions. I made them and they came out really cute. I used royal icing to attach shoestring licorice. I modified my hot air balloon cut out to be a parachute. I uploaded the pictures to my picture section. Thanks again!
Thanks GeminiRJ & FlourPots ! I am going to do as suggested and make it one long cookie w/ the strings drawn on. Good advice! Don't want any kiddos choking on the strings!Thanks again!
Hi Bakers! I was asked to make soldier cookies for my son's class. I have a hot air balloon cookie cutter that I've been dying to use. I was thinking of modifying it by cutting the basket part off so it would look more like a parachute. I am trying to figure a way to then add string coming down and then attaching a little army man (small gingerbread cookie cutter). Do you think I could either:1- bake w/ that string on it so it sets in the parachute and cut holes out of...
I am drawing a blank...I am making a teapot cake for a bridal show for a school teacher...Her name is Kristy, so I thought doing something w/ SweeTEA since it sort of rhymes...Otherwise, does anyone have an idea on what to write on the cake to tie in the teapot?...I also will have strawberries w/ it....Thanks!Kim
I have tons of candy melts in bags and opened. How/Where do you store them? I am just have them in big bags and Ziploc, but I'm sure there's a better way. Thanks!
Thanks for the great ideas...I am tossing them around in my would you go about making a shovel to put in the cupcakes?Thanks again!
I was asked to make a finger food dessert for kids who will be watching the movie HOLES after just having finished reading the book. I haven't seen/read it and nothing really popped out at me when I read the review on it. Does anyone have any ideas of a cupcake idea based on something from the story?Thanks!Kim in NJ
My son last moment changed his cake request to Wall-e. I would like to do a 3d one. I have never used styrofoam or pvc pipe, and from some of the pics on here and post, that one of the suggestions for making this cake.So I bought styrofoam to carve the eyes, and I have rice krispie treats. I am wondering how I make the neck. Where would I get PVC pipe and it is safe to put directly in a cake?Thanks!Kim
Now why didn't we think of this ?
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