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Nothing to do with cakes but when I was very little I did not like the idea of used loose tea in the teapot being thrown away. Without telling anyone, I used to pass it through a tea strainer, onto a bit of kitchen towel and left it to dry in the sun. When it dried up, I put it back in the tea caddy. I kept doing this for about a week until mum found some tea drying in the back yard. She asked me what was I doing with it and when I explained she just burst out laughing....
I would agree with BJsGRL about over beating. It happened to me a couple of times and both times I have overbeated the butter and sugar.
When customers come to pick their cake up, I usually have is on show to let them know what the finished product looks like. I then pack it in the box/boxes in front of them. I never allow them to touch the cake but I do all the carrying to the car. I use the exuse that my insurance will not cover me if anybody else handles the cakes on my premises. I also put on my order form instructions to clear the boot/trunk of the car before picking up. I also tell them that I will...
I need to make some cupcakes and the client wants it very girly and ballet. Apart from ballet slippers and tutus, can anyone suggest what to put on the iced cupcake?
Can someone very very kindly describe exactly how textured Viva is? Or perhaps take a picture of the kind of paper towel it is? We have paper towels over here in England but most of them are textured so do not know whether they can be used for smoothing cakes.
In England color flow is called "Flooding"
I somehow do not believe the story. If it were my cake, I would have asked for evidence. Let's face it if you buy something that is inedible for any reason, you take the food back to the store and show them evidence.It happened to me once. The bride paid for the cake, I delivered it and was quite pleased with the outcome. The next day the bride and groom with her mother came over and demanded a refund because they said that the cake was mouldy. I did not believe them...
How about using a fine no 6 or 8 brush to push out the awkward corners out? It works for me.
Make your own BC. It is only icing sugar and 1/2 butter and flavouring. It is delicious spread on the cake before covering with fondant. Apricot glaze is good as well but it might drag crumbs and bits of the cake as you brush it on, so it is best to use a flat palette knife to apply it.
marialoves cakeswhat happened to the flour in your recipe? How much do you use?
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